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Transforming Job Hunting with Ophileads


Job hunting can be daunting, with countless listings scattered across platforms. Ophileads changes the game. It's not just another job search tool; it's a streamlined solution. By leveraging Airtable, Ophileads centralizes listings, simplifying exploration, evaluation, and application. Navigating the job market is effortless, empowering users to find their dream roles with unparalleled ease.


Ophileads tackles the complexity of job sourcing and data management. By integrating Crunchbase organization data and real-time job listings from Google SERP API, it offers up-to-date job information. With automated updates, users can make informed decisions effortlessly. Ophileads revolutionizes job applications with its user-friendly interface, comprehensive listings, and unwavering commitment to efficiency and innovation.

Technical Solution:

Data Preparation:

  • Curated organization data from Crunchbase, structured into CSV format and stored in a secure, scalable cloud storage like Amazon S3.

Job Search and Data Retrieval:

  • Developed a script to fetch organization data from S3 and utilize Google SERP API to extract job details. This script automates the process of finding relevant job postings.

Airtable Integration:

  • Stored job details in Airtable, leveraging its API for seamless data management. Airtable provides a flexible and user-friendly platform for storing and organizing job listings.

User Interface Design:

  • Designed an intuitive interface for users to browse, search, and apply for jobs with ease. The user interface should be clear, and concise, and allow for efficient filtering and searching of job postings.

Automation and Schedule:

  • Scheduled script execution to run periodically, for example, every Monday, to ensure job updates are fresh and relevant.

Automatic Deletion:

  • Implemented automated removal of expired listings from Airtable after a set timeframe, such as 60 days. This ensures users are only presented with current job opportunities.

Slack Notifications:

  • Integrated Slack for real-time notifications on job uploads and processing errors. Slack notifications keep users and team members informed about the status of job postings and any potential issues.


  • Seamless integration of Crunchbase organization data and real-time job listings provides users with a comprehensive view of potential employers.

  • Instant access to the latest job information allows users to be the first to apply for relevant opportunities.

  • Efficient organization and retrieval mechanisms streamline the job search process, saving users valuable time.

  • Enhanced user satisfaction and engagement through a simplified experience encourages users to actively search for jobs on Ophileads.

  • Ophileads empowers individuals to find and apply for relevant job opportunities effortlessly, ultimately helping them secure their dream careers.


Ophileads reshapes job search platforms by merging organization data and real-time listings, enhancing user experience and efficiency. Its innovative approach makes it indispensable for job seekers and recruiters, promising continued advancement to meet evolving market demands.

Architecture Diagram:

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