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Streamlining Data Engineering for Influencer Marketing

Enhancing Data Engineering for Our Client (An Influencer Marketing Solution): Seamlessly Integrating Multifaceted Data Streams and Enabling Real-time Processing with Airflow and dbt



In response to the increasing demands of processing large volumes of data efficiently, our team at Our Client (An Influencer Marketing Solution) undertook a strategic initiative to enhance our data engineering capabilities. This case study outlines our journey from using Xplenty for data processing to adopting Apache Airflow and transitioning from BigQuery scheduled queries to dbt, resulting in improved performance and scalability. Notably, our commitment to scalability is underscored by the development of over 300 Airflow Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs).



Our Client's initial data processing framework relied on Xplenty to fetch and load data into BigQuery using APIs. While this approach served its purpose, we encountered challenges with extended processing times, especially for large datasets. Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, we decided to explore alternative technologies.



  • Prolonged job completion times with Xplenty for large datasets.

  • Suboptimal efficiency in processing diverse data sources.

  • BigQuery scheduled queries posed limitations in terms of scalability and performance.



1. Migration to Apache Airflow:

To address the challenges posed by Xplenty, we devised a plan to transition our data processing workflows to Apache Airflow. Airflow's modular and scalable architecture offered us the flexibility to design, schedule, and monitor complex data pipelines efficiently. The migration was executed seamlessly, ensuring that no data was lost during the transition.

2. Enhancing Efficiency with dbt:

Simultaneously, we recognized the opportunity to optimize our data querying and transformation processes. We decided to replace BigQuery scheduled queries with dbt, a transformation tool that provided enhanced control, flexibility, and performance in query scheduling. This transition allowed us to streamline our data transformations and significantly improve overall processing efficiency.



The integration of Apache Airflow and dbt yielded the following outcomes:

  • Reduced Processing Times: Jobs that previously took days with Xplenty were completed more efficiently with Airflow, enabling quicker data processing and analysis.

  • Enhanced Scalability: The modular nature of Airflow allowed us to scale our data processing capabilities effortlessly, accommodating growing data volumes and diverse sources.

  • Improved Query Performance: Transitioning from BigQuery scheduled queries to dbt resulted in optimized query scheduling, leading to faster and more reliable data transformations.



Our Client's journey towards scaling data engineering operations showcases the significance of adopting robust technologies such as Apache Airflow and dbt. The seamless migration from Xplenty to Airflow and the transition from BigQuery to dbt have not only addressed our immediate challenges but have also positioned us for future growth and scalability in handling diverse and large datasets. The integration of these technologies has empowered Our Client to stay at the forefront of data engineering innovation, ensuring efficient and real-time processing of our ever-expanding data landscape.

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