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Scaled Data Platform and Ingestion layer

Scaling Data Engineering for the Client: Integrating Diverse Data Sources and Implementing Real-time Processing with Kafka, Spark, and Airflow


In a groundbreaking initiative for our client, we developed a comprehensive data engineering solution to handle over 100TB of data per day from various third-party sources, including Nielsen. Our approach combined the use of Apache Kafka and Spark Streaming for real-time data processing, alongside Apache Airflow for efficient management of batch jobs along with job orchestration, enabling our client to derive actionable insights from massive and complex datasets.

Client Overview

our client, a leader in the field of marketing analytics, faced the challenge of integrating and analyzing data from multiple third-party sources. The vastness and variety of the data necessitated a robust and scalable solution to extract meaningful insights.

Technical Challenge

The project's primary challenges were to manage the sheer volume of data, reaching up to 100TB, and to process this data in real-time. The complexity was further compounded by the need to integrate various data formats and APIs from multiple third-party sources.

Our Technical Solution

Our solution was multifaceted, involving several key technologies:

Real-time Data Processing with Kafka and Spark Streaming

- We employed Apache Kafka for real-time data ingestion, creating a high-throughput pipeline capable of handling large volumes of data efficiently.

- Apache Spark Streaming was integrated to process this real-time data. Its advanced analytics capabilities allowed for immediate data processing and analysis, enabling our client to enable their customers to react to market trends in real-time.

Batch Data Processing with Airflow

- For handling batch jobs, Apache Airflow was the tool of choice. Its ability to orchestrate complex workflows allowed us to efficiently manage batch processing of large datasets.

- We designed custom DAGs in Airflow to automate and schedule these batch jobs, ensuring data was processed accurately and on time.

Data Ingestion and Transformation

- The data, including Nielsen and other third-party sources, was ingested through custom-built connectors and APIs.

- We implemented a robust ETL pipeline to cleanse, deduplicate, and normalize the data, ensuring high quality and consistency.

Scalable Data Storage in Snowflake

- Snowflake's data warehouse was used to store the processed data. Its scalable architecture was key in handling the vast data volumes and varied structures.

- We optimized Snowflake for high performance, utilizing its features for efficient data querying and analysis.

Implementation Details

The project spanned over nine months and was executed using an agile methodology. Our team faced challenges in data synchronization and latency, which were addressed by fine-tuning Kafka’s stream processing and optimizing Spark’s in-memory computations. A continuous integration and deployment pipeline was established to ensure seamless updates and maintenance of the data processing systems.


The implementation led to a significant enhancement in our client's data processing capabilities. The real-time processing feature enabled instant market insights, while the batch processing system efficiently managed the vast datasets. The solution proved to be highly scalable, handling the increasing data volume without compromising on performance.


This case study exemplifies our capability to handle large-scale, complex data engineering projects. By integrating various data sources into Snowflake and employing Kafka and Spark Streaming for real-time processing, alongside Airflow for batch processing, we have significantly bolstered our client's data analytics infrastructure.


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