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Revolutionizing NFT Giveaways: Whitelist Selection Solution


In the dynamic realm of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Our Client recognized the need to revolutionize the giveaway process. Partnering with our development team, they conceived the Whitelist Selection Self-Service (WSS) to streamline and enhance how NFT giveaway winners are selected. This innovative tool provides administrators with a seamless, automated, and secure solution.

Client Overview:

Our Client, a frontrunner in the NFT space, aimed to elevate the user experience in NFT giveaways. Their goal was to replace manual whitelist selection with an efficient, customizable, secure, and fully automated solution. The Whitelist Selection Self-Service caters to administrators, offering a user-friendly interface for parameter input, result preview, and overall giveaway management.

Technical Challenge:

The existing whitelist selection process was cumbersome, time-consuming, and lacked automation. The challenge was to automate and simplify this process, implement configurable templates, ensure secure handling of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, and ensure scalability as user and giveaway numbers increased.

Technical Solution:

Our solution addressed challenges comprehensively:

  • Automated Whitelist Selection: Developed a robust script triggered by user input, fetching data from various tables (including Ethereum transactions and Dune analysis data) and APIs, and generating a list of winners and buffer entries based on user-defined parameters.

  • Configurable Templates: Integrated a template system allowing administrators to assign weights based on user-provided intent (e.g., community engagement, holding specific NFTs), ensuring flexibility and alignment with giveaway goals.

  • Secure PII Data Handling: Implemented encryption, access control, and data minimization practices to handle sensitive data securely.

  • Containerized Implementation on EKS: Deployed the WSS on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) for efficient and scalable container orchestration. This ensures efficient resource allocation and easy scaling as demand increases.

  • Alert/Monitoring: Set up alerts, real-time notifications, and monitoring dashboards for proactive issue resolution and performance optimization.

  • Storage: Integrated with AWS S3 buckets for secure and permanent storage of giveaway results.

  • Unit Test Cases: Implemented comprehensive unit tests to ensure the resultant list meets expected criteria and giveaway parameters are applied correctly.

Implementation Details:

The Whitelist Selection Self-Service leverages various data sources, including Ethereum transactions, Dune analysis data, and user-defined parameters. Key components include:

  • Encryption for secure data transmission and storage.

  • Secure APIs for reliable and protected data access.

  • Containerization on EKS for efficient resource management and scalability.

  • User-friendly front-end for intuitive giveaway configuration and result management.

  • Continuous updates and improvements, including the addition of an Ingestion service for faster data processing and reduced processing times.


  • Efficiency: Reduced whitelist selection time from hours to minutes, enhancing overall giveaway efficiency and streamlining the process for administrators.

  • Customization: Configurable templates enable the tailoring of selection processes to different giveaway goals and desired user traits.

  • Security: Robust encryption and access controls ensure secure handling of PII data, fostering trust among participants.

  • Scalability: Containerization on EKS facilitates scalability without compromising performance, allowing Our Client to handle a growing user base and increasing giveaway volume.


Our Client's collaboration with us resulted in the successful implementation of the Whitelist Selection Self-Service, transforming the NFT giveaway process. The WSS provides a scalable, secure, and user-friendly solution, showcasing innovation's impact in the dynamic NFT industry.

Architecture Diagram: 

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